NWUAV Quiet UAV Mufflers

The NWUAV muffler was designed to solve two technical problems inherent in current muffler designs: Excessive noise and air flow blockages within the structure of the muffler.
NWUAV technicians have developed a patented muffler that suppresses noise by using a novel design and innovative packing material. The muffler, due to its unique internal design can help to significantly reduce noise while maintaining or even increasing engine power compared to other designs.
NWUAV has beat out several competitors with an in-house muffler design that is currently being staged for deployment on the ScanEagle® and Integrator™ UAV’s. The unique design results in lower fuel consumption, higher power, and lower noise signature. ScanEagle® and Integrator™ manufactured by Insitu.
Sizes Available: Conformal designs are available for single and multiple cylinder engines. The design can be developed to fit inside client’s air vehicle. NWUAV takes into account the aircraft envelope size, and airflow available for the optimal design. This produces a lower acoustic signature and optimal engine performance.