SW1.0 Engine Control Unit

The NWUAV SW1.0 Engine Control Unit is a purpose-built ECU
for Unmanned Aircraft of all types
24 Март 2015, 13:46
The SW1.0 is a ruggedized system intended to operate in extreme environments encountered during UAS operations. NWUAV has incorporated features missing in other ECUs.
NWUAV SW1.0 Engine Control Unit (ECU) Features
 ● ECU Data inputs include: IAT, BARO, MAP, O2 sensor, TPS, CHT, EGT, coolant temp, fuel temperature, fuel pressure
● Compatible with systems from 10-30 volts
● CAN bus protocol communication system
● EMI shielded and fully programmable ignition curve/Alpha-N
● Multiple configurable digital/analog outputs
● Multiple spare configurable analog/digital inputs
● Fuel pump output driver for active fuel pump control
● Throttle transition compensation
● Extensive self-diagnostic capabilities
● Capable of controlling single and multiple cylinder piston and rotary engines
● Adjustable rev limits including primary, secondary and boost limits
● Adaptable to most existing engine systems
● Configurable daughter board can be added for specific customer needs
● Up to 500 hrs of data recording
● MIL SPEC 51 Pin Micro-D Connector
● Real time tuning available with configurable fuel map grid
● Primary/Secondary main fuel and ignition tables
● Closed loop control with adaptive learning
● Sequential, batch or semi-sequential injector firing
● Starting, air temp, coolant temp and barometric pressure compensations
● Adjustable dwell as a function of battery voltage
● Software compatible with common autopilots
●  Weight: 172 grams

Smart Ignitions (Available)

● Capacitive discharge ignition
● Tunable ignition curves based off of each input
● 25KV ignition coil